Founded in 1907; Registration No.: S-550, Delhi
Regd. Office : Center for Advanced study in Mathematics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune-411 007, India

The Indian Mathematical Society (referred to as IMS or the Society, in short) is governed by The Council of the Indian Mathematical Society. The Council includes nine office bearers of the Society and nine other regular members. All the members of the Council are honorary members. The office bearers of the Society are:

1. President
2. The Immediate Past President
3. General Secretary
4. Administrative Secretary
5. Academic Secretary
6. Treasurer
7. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society
8. Editor-in-Chief, The Mathematics Student
9. Librarian.

All the Council Members of the Society should be life members of the Society in good standing. All Council members (except the Administrative Secretary and Librarian)  are elected by the members of the Society in good standing (A member of the Society is considered to be of good standing in a particular year if he/she has paid his/her Membership Fees of the respective year by 31st July of that year). The Administrative Secretary is appointed by The Council and must be living in Pune. The Librarian of the IMS is ex-officio the Director of the Ramanujan Institute of Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras, Chennai.

The term of the President and Immediate Past President is for one year and that of all other Office bearers (except librarian) is for three years. The term of the Librarian is co-terminus with his term as Director of the Ramanujan Institute of Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras, Chennai.

The term of all other Members of the Council is also for three years. Three members retire after every three years and new ones are elected in place of the retiring members.

The term of all the Council members (except that of Librarian) begins from April 1 and ends on March 31.

If some vacancy of an office bearer occurs in the middle of his term due to some reason, the Council replaces him by a suitable person for the remaining period.

Mode of Election of office bearers and members: The Council, in its annual meeting during the Annual Conference of IMS, nominates suitable persons from the life members for the positions (of office bearers as well as of Council Members) which are falling vacant after one year. The names are proposed by the General Secretary, and after due discussion, a decision is taken by the Council. These nominations are announced in the newsletter of the IMS every year in the month of July/August. Any member of the IMS in good standing can also nominate an alternative candidate for any vacancy according to the laid down norms published in the July/August newsletter of the Society. If there are more than one nomination, the election is organized by the General Secretary by appointing a returning officer and the election takes place before the annual conference of the Society. The results are declared in the General Body meeting of the Society during the November/December annual conference of that year.

Powers and Duties of the Council and other office bearers of the Society have been described in the Constitution of the Society. Any office bearer, taking a decision of importance, must inform the same to the General Secretary so that he/she is aware of all the activities/decisions of the Society. Every office bearer, other than the President and the Immediate Past President, has to present his/her annual report to the Council on the works done by him/her during the annual meeting of the Council. The same is also presented in the General Body meeting of the IMS every year.

The timely publication of the JIMS and the MS is the responsibility of the respective Chief Editors. The editorial board of both periodicals are constituted by the Council of the Society on the recommendation of the Chief Editors. The dispatch of the periodicals to the subscribers is the responsibility of the Administrative Secretary. The Treasurer takes care of all the financial matters of the Society in consultation with the General Secretary. The Librarian is responsible for maintaining the records of the IMS Library. Librarian can also be requested to provide useful services to the members of the Society.

Academic Programme Committee (APC): There is an APC of the Society which decides all the academic programmes including the programme of the annual conference of the Society. This committee consists of the President, General Secretary, Administrative Secretary, Academic Secretary, Treasurer, Editor-in-Chief, JIMS and the Editor-in-Chief, MS. The Local Organizing Secretary of the ensuing annual conference will be a special invitee to the APC to discuss the arrangements of the conference. If necessary, the APC can also opt to invite any other person to the meeting. The speakers for the various Memorial Award Lecturers/ Plenary Lectures/ Invited Talks are decided in the APC. Besides this the APC also decides the topic and conveners of at most six symposia to be held during the conference. The invitation letters to the speakers and the Symposia Convenors are sent by the Academic Secretary in consultation with the General Secretary. The final academic programme of the annual conference is consolidated and announced by the Academic Secretary.